Pixle? What is that?

Pixle is a very short and casual game which challenges its players with different puzzles each day.
Puzzles are created out of a predefined pattern and a handful of randomly chosen emojis. Our puzzle generator mixes things up and spits out interesting and challenging puzzles, which are just seeking to be solved.
Games like Wordle and Picross inspired the development of Pixle. It combines different aspects of its spiritual predecessors and improves the overall gameplay, effectively making it a compact and exciting mixture. Besides playing on your own, you can challenge your friends and family to these nerve-braking puzzles!
Pixle is now available on the web and we challenge you to solve the puzzle of today!

Play Pixle today!

How to get in touch

You can find newest updates and announcements on the official Twitter channel of Pixle.
If you are having trouble or found a bug, please report the issue as soon as possible to us. In order to get in touch with our team, either mention us on Twitter or send us an email to .
We look forward to your message and we'll try to get back to you as soon as possible!

A short guide on how to play

Wondering how Pixle works? No worries, we will thoroughly explain.
Below you can see a grid, which we also refer to as a pixle. The pixle is a pattern consisting of up to five different emojis.

So, the grid represents a pixle. You are shown the solution of the pixle once at the beginning and as soon as its hidden, you have to use your memory to rebuild it.
Doesn't seem too difficult, right?

If you place an emoji incorrectly, you lose a try on the mismatched tile. Don't worry, after each failed try, the pixle will flip and show the correct answers briefly.
However, as soon as you run out of available tries on any tile, it's game over!

And that's it! Now you know everything about Pixle and its pixles!
Challenges are waiting, don't let them bother you for too long. Challenge yourself and friends today by playing Pixle!

About the puzzle creation process

Puzzles, or pixles as we like to call them, are a fundamental part of the game Pixle. After all, the name Pixle derives from them.
But more important: How are these pixles created? What is the pixle creation process?
We built a small generator, which gets fed a few different, predefined patterns and a list of emojis. It chooses one random pattern out of the bunch and checks its requirements, which in this case would be the amount of emojis. Once it knows the correct amount, it randomly picks various emojis out of the list and makes sure double usage won't happen. After all, a pattern consisting of only red boxes wouldn't be as fun.
A pattern and its emojis now have been chosen, it is time to throw them together and save in a list. A new pixle is born! Along with it, other important information is stored in the list, such as the pixle id and publication date.
And that should cover everything. Now you really know everything about the puzzles, pixles and the game Pixle.
Don't forget to check out the public GitHub repository of Pixle, if you want to dig even deeper.